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Oscar Portela
Como debía ser (e traduções)


Como debía ser
As it should habe been
Wie es sein musste
Come dovrebbe essere
Com havia de ser
Como devia ser

Traducción de Bettina Hayer

Buried is everything. That should be like that.

Justice has been done. Black suns are in their places and the wind


spreads the ashes that were kept in the urns of memory.

I am dust now.

Scattered in the fragments of the hours, in the eyes looked at, in

the flow

of tears, in infinite nights lightened by icy stars,

in cruel nightmares that return to me.

And that wolf sharpening the summer teeth, where dark loves

lightened the


buried in lagoons, in barbarious images

and mirrors of illusions that reflect

the hours, always indigent.

Shadows of buried time:

so it should be: now that I am lonely, so lonely that I rime with

the ghosts

of blood

that come from underground tracks,

with ghosts and lost souls, I think that

the questions have not been answered,

and that everything was in vain: not even horror is expecting me.

I am free to leave the campus.

And that the Angelus touches beloved hearts.

Embedded, buried among the living and the death ones,

shadow among shadows, smoke of the existence,

the indigent arrows of fate are still upsetting me,

discontinous succession, remnant of unfinished wars I only take with

me the

hunger of the infinite, the absolute word and the motionless

abandonment of

the impetrated soul, as it should have been.