Pleif Mapa

Capítulo 5

Sheha Pleif knows that the harder one tries the more he is put under the influence of the clausineos. They are telling him that nobody helps for nothing. They are telling him that he should figure out if she wants to live nude and green painted in an eternal Sunday.

Before and while scanning each of her sections, no matter if successfully or not, he is always confident. He knows exactly under what element he has to bath each of them, and how much they have to be relaxed till complete laziness. He reminds her of Elmo giving turnips to the lions under the sun. Because he wasn’t afraid, he flied. She herself flied too in the occasion, and as a slot, because she was able to impress her will actively upon her own body.

Paying attention to subtle distinctions in color doesn’t help in scanning rightly the sections. You have to follow your own intuition. Some are able to do this, others not. It depends on the ineffable pain or joy the action generates in them, as a few showers dropping slightly over the snow. There is no answer for why this is so. Even a false tendency can bring about amazing results, but not true mastery. She wants to know if she could trust him. She cannot trust herself, and is not free from this futile attempt. Someone would finally dance with her in her hiding place.

Ailapapabail!!! But Elmo was unfaithful to her.  He didn’t value their conjoined activity. Nonetheless she learned from him how to recognize someone with the gift for the practical arts. If the desire for reaching the bottom of the crack of Barbário was futile, it nonetheless proved that powerful mutations were always possible. If he enables her to acknowledge now she actually hasn’t the gift, things would be set free without being lost, deflecting the slingshot.
No further advance would ever be made concerning the nature of the one who made her, and the immortality or the essence of the sections in their mutual relation. It is known, however, that entelechies do vary in size. Drawing the graphic of this difference in her case would show if she might have been in Earth. This was a practical aim, a sparrow.

Arrivate la te do un bacio.

Pronto ? Pronto ?! Pronto !!!

Se i vestiti si strappano è colpa loro.