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By Chris Cutler

Jorge was the gentlest of men, a scholar and a friend; he was also the perfect host, and of course a master musician. I met him in 1991, when he and Vitor Rua invited me to join them for a concert in Lisbon. Playing was easy, organic: Telectu was an intelligent, nimble ensemble that could turn on a pin, and - such was its generosity - the music seemed almost to make itself; a proper measure of the skill and, almost telepathic, sensitivity of its twin protagonists. Happily, for me, we met often after that, and made many more concerts together. But more important was the friendship that grew out of that initial meeting; the many companionable days - spread over almost two decades - spent eating, drinking, talking, listening to music and setting the world to rights. Jorge was always over-modest about his professional accomplishments - but they endure; and, in time, will be accorded their considerable due: his many books and recordings remain as a valuable body of public works. It is the warmth and enthusiasm, the quiet erudition and generosity of spirit of the man that is lost. And is sorely missed.

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