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Nº 14, 2005

Editorial notes

Aims and Scope

Boletim do Núcleo Cultural da Horta is a journal devoted to publishing original articles to promote the cultivation and study of the Azorean culture. The journal carters for all with interest in Azorean culture, including those from universities and research institutes, local, regional and government institutions. The journal welcomes manuscripts containing new research if they offer important synthesis, have a strong conceptual basis and thoroughly review earlier or competing ideas. It is an annually, peer-reviewed journal, without page charges, which is published by Núcleo Cultural da Horta, and was initiated in 1956.

Acceptable manuscripts

Boletim do Núcleo Cultural da Horta accepts research papers and review articles (no more than 10 pages in A4 format) and book reviews (usually by invitation; no more than 4 pages in A4 format). Manuscripts submitted for publication may not be offered to any other journal for prior or simultaneous publication. Portuguese, French or English are the recommended languages. All manuscripts submitted for publication are subject to peer review. Peer review includes both internal and external review.

Manuscript should be concise and clear in style: The cover page of all articles (except book reviews) should include the title of the paper followed by author (s)’s name (both in capital letters) and author (s)’ address.

Each article should have a summary or abstract and five key-words. The summary should state concisely the goals and major conclusions of the research papers and review articles.

The main text must begin with Introduction and finish with Literature Cited. Acknowledgements should come before Literature Cited.

Footnotes should be avoided. The use of acronyms in the text are discourage unless they are absolutely necessary.

References in the text, refer to author(s) surname(s) in capital letters and year of publication ( Agostinho, 1938). Use ampersand (&) for double authorships in the text and for all joint authorships in the Literature Cited section ( Arruda & Azevedo, 1987). When there are more than two authors, give the first author surname followed by et al. ( Arrudaet al., 1988); references cited together should be arranged chronologically. In the reference list, the references must be cited in alphabetical and chronological order for one author or more than two authors; in alphabetical order by surname of the second author in case of two authors. Journal titles should be given in full. For books, the reference must include the city of publication and the publisher.

Manuscripts submitted for publication and correspondence related to the journal must be sent by regular mail to the

Editor do Boletim do Núcleo Cultural da Horta

Apartado 179 . 9900 Horta

or by e-mail


Authors receive 30 offprints.