:::::::::::::::::::::::::CAMILLE MARTIN
double yous

one’s body imagines all the adjectives
for an empty name to be of use,
creates a cold candidate’s hunger

to observe shell-pink sparrows
lost in a world of refracted objects. wind,
earthquake have come to this: opening

the mouth then forgetting one in their mundane
lament. the shape of a window fills the frame
beyond which dumb skies in a scherzo,

a situation to be expected with a word only
within red. unhappy eyes contain rain
outside oneself. to see exactly is a map

where one reaches a path in which to be
blank, one’s glance becoming & becoming, no
details as if light & one lived in one

plural shadow: metaphors to revive the extinct.
currents wrench upward, & in a dream
bunches of wet violets recently of the world

rhyme with icy weight. tainted echoes
await ocean or country, so to decipher
packages, files, & summaries, musics

begin, each shifting the ground
where one necessarily sleeps
paralyzed & alert, each morning

deriving one moon’s color from under the skin.
the self means wearing it inside one’s eyes.
one doubles oneself gazing at tree tops,

a superb distance from which to forestall
the slipping away of a broken consort
as one speaks for the first time.

from “ letter letters”