:::::::::::::::::::::::::CAMILLE MARTIN

below leaves words
edge and snap to simple
need awakening blunt

fountains siphoned
from ecosystems on the
bottom, sources

ending in wry evaporations
nudging a common salute, that
one can once more metamorphose

in layered time, blinding
broad tropical strokes wherein
a model of bright sparrows

damsels the shock of flat events.
across a winding dose
of clouded birth standing in

for drizzled breath easing
jokes of dumb light, tiny
orbits mining hours

board the sight below
ozone’s thin-boned copy
to store enough to slow

unbroken nights of photons
down. channeled mind lumbers
birds one story phoneme

at a time until one finds the wind
the color of wind flanked with
molecules of sounds finds

the wind along old roads
singing fledgling droughts untying
leaves from stems.

from “fabled hue”